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We are Undaunted Tactical

Undaunted Tactical is a veteran-owned, small business and manufacturer of technology-driven military tactical gear. We have an extensive background in military, law enforcement, and emergency medical operations. Our field experience and knowledge plays a critical role in our manufacturing process.  It enables us to produce high quality gear that can endure the most demanding conditions. We know, because we use it ourselves.

Undaunted Tactical was founded with the purpose of producing exceptional tactical military gear powered by tactical technology that outlasts any mission. We take pride in our work knowing that brave men and women rely on our products to get them through the toughest missions.



Our Process to Ensure Things Are Done Right

At Undaunted Tactical our process is simple:

  • LISTEN to the needs of our customers
  • ENGINEER products with cutting edge materials and the latest tactical technology 
  • FIELD TEST using real operators in the most strenuous conditions
  • DEPLOY premium tactical military gear at prices unseen in the industry


We thoroughly understand the unique needs of our customers - real operators out in the frontlines.


Our design process demands innovative tactical technology and hand–selected, cutting edge materials.


All Undaunted Tactical products are put to the test in real life situations and the most strenuous conditions. Continuous improvements are made based on the feedback we receive.


After listening, engineering and field testing, we deliver our products to our customers at prices unseen of in the tactical market.

Innovation in Every Detail

Continuous evolution is a big part of our design philosophy.

Ergonomic Grip

Our tactical pens are specially designed with a sleek look and a great grip, which can be used to effectively maneuver out of emergency situations. Ridged for a more secure grip, they won't slip out of your hand in a time of crisis.  In addition, they're also tapered to help you keep a comfortable grip while writing.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Made of machine grade aluminum, our tactical pens are made to be extremely durable in the toughest conditions.

Tungsten Steel

The glass breaker tip on our tactical pens is made of tungsten steel. Tungsten steel has high hardness, wear resistance, strength, toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is rated at about 8.5-9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. In comparison, diamond, which is the hardest substance on earth, is rated at a 10. Tungsten steel does not bend out of shape due to its extreme hardness and is roughly 10 times harder than 18k gold. Nozzles for rocket engines are made from tungsten steel.

Safe and Protected

Different sections of our tactical pens are manufactured from the best materials and blend esthetically into the overall design. This means no more lost attachments. All the attachments are kept inside the device itself. They also provide your tactical pen with the best protection against external impacts.

Practical and Adaptable

The stainless steel clip on our tactical pens is both sleek and functional. With a simple motion, the tactical pen can be secured to your ideal item of clothing. This means that you can conveniently keep the tactical pen on you clipped securely into a front shirt pocket or pants pocked. Attach the device within seconds to the place that feels most comfortable when you are out in the field.

Continuous Improvements

A continuous commitment to improving the quality of processes and materials, technological innovations and the design of new products.
Constant investment in new technologies and the continuous training of our team enables Undaunted Tactical to meet the real needs and expectations of our customers.

Environmental Responsibility

Undaunted Tactical strives to continuously improve its products, manufacturing processes and working methods always with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of our activity.

Our Values

  • QUALITY: Provide high quality and durable products
  • INNOVATION: Use technology to explore new ideas in anticipation of the the needs of our ever-changing customers
  • DIGNITY: Meet customer’s needs with timely responses
  • HONESTY: Actions based on responsible, ethical, and moral behavior


Battle-Tested Premium Tactical Military Gear

Undaunted Tactical’s products are put to the test everyday by Military and Law Enforcement throughout the world. We use only the highest quality, sourced ‘mil-spec’ materials available, giving our customers the confidence and security in knowing our products will stand the test of time.

Our team’s tactical expertise enables us to fully understand the requirements of the field and manufacture only the highest quality products that will exceed our customers’ expectations. Our exclusive line of Undaunted Tactical Pens are rated among the best in the world.


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